Lightware PRC-16-205


Powered Rackmount Cage for 16 extenders


PRC-16-205 is a rack mount cage accessory enclosing up to 16x VINX-120-HDMI-ENC or VINX-110-HDMI-DEC units in any combination, also providing power source for every installed device.
Reliable, safe and secure operation is assured by numerous built-in protections against short circuits and overloads.


  • 3RU size rack mount cage
  • Universal full range AC input with a standard C14 socket
  • Protections: Short circuit and Overload
  • Users can easily install and remove VINX devices and mix encoders and decoders in any combination
  • VINX units can also be installed in the PRC-16-205 reversed
  • Silent front to rear cooling system with temperature control
  • Powering port protection: in case a power port fails, the rest ofthe installed VINX units keep on working
  • Powered Rack Cage with built-in power supply for 16 extenders
  • Makes installation easy and clean for 16 small extenders in rack
  • Multiple mounting options to suit different rack cabling layouts
  • Reliable cable management with supplied cable guide rails
  • 3 years warranty