Lightware HDMI-4K De-embedder


HDMI Audio De-embedder

HDMI-4K De-embedder is a multifunctional interface which is capable of audio de‑ embedding the PCM audio stream. Audio out is a 5‑pole Phoenix socket. The unit also features a 3.5 jack output for headphone monitoring.


HDMI-4K De-embedder is a multifunctional interface which is capable of de-embedding the PCM audio stream (other HDMI audio formats are passed through). Audio out is a 5‑pole Phoenix socket. The unit also features a 3.5 jack output for headphone monitoring. HDMI-4K De-embedder has abuilt‑in EDID Management and Pixel Accurate Reclocking, supporting DVI and HDMI 1.4 signals with or without HDCP encryption. The output signal is reclocked and stabilized using Lightware Pixel Accurate Reclocking technology to remove jitter caused by long cables or poor quality sources.

HDMI-4K De-embedder features Advanced EDID Management and can emulate any HDMI display for continuous video output, even if the attached display is disconnected or powered down. HDCP enable/disable function turns off the unit’s HDCP capability, which helps integrate certain laptops into a non‑HDCP AV environment. The EDID memories from 1 to 55 are factory preset, the memories from 62 to 98 are user programmable. EDID memories from 56 to 61 are for universal EDID presets. Memory 0 is transparent for output, so using this setting the EDID of the last attached display device (monitor or projector) will be reported to the source. With the Easy EDID Creator (PC software wizard) the users can create their own EDID by completing four simple steps. Experienced users can use the Advanced EDID Editor software to manage every possible setting in the EDID, which can be uploaded to the user programable memory of the HDMI-4K De-embedder.

HDMI-4K De-embedder can be rack‑mounted or used standalone. The unit is equipped with the highest grade gold plated connectors to ensure reliable connection.


  • Rental and staging
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Digital Signage
  • Multiroom video
  • Conference rooms, collaborative telepresence


  • Multiple powering options over DC plug, USB or HDMI 5V input
  • Balanced analog audio output for audio de-embedding
  • Adjustable analog audio settings (volume, gain, balance)
  • Daisy chain support
  • Fixes EDID and keeps the source’s output continuously active
  • Advanced EDID Management
  • Intuitive control software for device configuration
  • Device control via USB
  • Supports deep color signals (24/30/36 bit RGB/YCbCr 4:4:4)
  • Supports HDMI 4K signal formats (4K UHD @30Hz RGB 4:4:4 or @60Hz YUV 4:2:0, up to 9 Gbps)
  • Supports HDMI 3D signal formats (frame packing, side-by-side and top-bottom)
  • HDMI 1.4, HDCP 1.4 and DVI 1.0 compliant
  • HDCP enable/disable function on input
  • 3,5mm headphone output
  • Mounting options for rack, furniture or truss
  • 1920×1080@120Hz/4:4:4, 4096×2160@30Hz/4:4:4 or 60Hz/4:2:0 maximum resolutions (300MHz)
  • No signal latency, zero frame delay
  • Input cable equalization up to 30m at 1080p60Hz (with 24 AWG high quality DVI/HDMI cable)
  • Pixel Accurate Reclocking
  • Built-in video test pattern generator
  • Status LEDs for video and audio detection
  • Frame Detector (analyze detailed video timings)
  • 5-pole Phoenix balanced analog audio connectors
  • External universal power adaptor
  • Firmware upgrade through USB
  • Supports all embedded audio formats (including PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS high bitrate audio)