Lightware CAB-USBC-T300A


3m long USB Full-Featured Type-C cable for USB 3.1 Gen1


This Type-C to Type-C USB cable offers data speeds up to 5Gbps and allows users to connect their laptop or other devices to Lightware’s USB-C compatible extenders and switchers. The cable’s length of 3m is ideal for most meeting room and presenter’s desk applications.

The cable proved itself to work with great efficiency with our new USB-C capable Taurus UCX as well as with various source devices. Its reliability, build-quality and technical parameters make this accessory our number one choice forprojects involving USB-C connectivity.


  • 60Watt / 3A charging and eMarker (Fast Charging of Laptops, tablets and phones)
  • Supporting peripherals via USB 2.0 up to 480 Mbps (Mouse, Keyboard, Thumb Drive, Speakerphone and Webcam)
  • 10.000 Mating Cycle
  • 75µ Gold plated contacts
  • 4 Lane Displayport Alt mode (4K60FPS Video and Audio)
  • USB 3 Gen1 5Gbps “SuperSpeed” (4K Webcam, SSD storage)
  • Connector dimensions according to standard. No bulky repeaters along the cable.