Crestron UCA-WMK-UC-P8/P10


Wall Mount Kit for UC-P8 and UC-P10 Series Devices

The UCA‑WMK‑UC‑P8/P10 provides secure wall mounting options for Crestron® UC‑P8 and UC‑P10 series devices.


The UCA‑WMK‑UC‑P8/P10 provides a secure wall mounting option for Crestron® UC‑P8 and UC‑P10 series desk phones. The easy-to-install mounting bracket and hardware allow the user to mount the phone onto a wall or other flat surface.

Technical Specifications


Aluminium alloy


Height 5.85 in (148.59 mm)

Width 10.96 in (278.38 mm)

Depth 2.41 in (61.21 mm)

Additional information

Weight 0.66 lbs
Dimensions 11.81 × 6.1 × 2.36 in