Crestron TSW-770-MSMK-W-S


Multisurface Mount Kit for TSW-770 Series, White Smooth

Permits a TSW‑770 or TSS‑770 series touch screen to be flush mounted to a glass wall or other smooth, flat surface. Ideal for mounting at the entrance to a meeting space for room scheduling applications.


The TSW-770-MSMK multisurface mount kit provides a versatile surface mounting solution for a TSW‑770 or TSS‑770 series touch screen. Using the multisurface mount kit, the touch screen can be mounted directly to glass, granite, marble, wood paneling, plaster, smooth masonry, or virtually any other flat surface. TSW-770-MSMK is ideal for mounting at the entrance to a meeting space for room scheduling applications, and it is compatible with the TSW‑770‑LB light bar to provide a clear indication of the room availability status.

The TSW-770-MSMK attaches securely to a flat, smooth surface without screws using the included peel‑and‑stick adhesive rear housing. For a finished appearance when mounted to a transparent glass wall, an adhesive molded plastic cap is provided, which simply affixes to the opposite side of the glass behind the unit. Templates are provided for the MSMK and the plastic cap to help ensure that both are level and properly aligned with the surface.

The TSW-770-MSMK comes complete with a self‑adhering plastic raceway for use on smooth surfaces, which conceals cables running to the touch screen from the floor, ceiling, or an adjacent wall, pillar, or mullion. The raceway is paintable and is composed of three 3 ft (0.91 m) sections, as well as an assortment of elbows and couplings.

The TSW-770-MSMK rear housing provides four cutout holes (on the top, bottom, and sides of the housing) for running concealed cables to the touch screen using the included adhesive‑backed raceway. A plastic cover with an opening for the raceway is attached to the rear housing to conceal any unused cutouts.

Key Features
  • Permits flush mounting a TSW‑770 or TSS‑770 series touch screen to virtually any flat, smooth surface
  • Ideal for mounting at the entrance to a meeting space for room scheduling applications
  • Supports glass surface and partition mounting
  • Compatible with the TSW‑770‑LB light bar for a clear indication of the room availability status
  • Secure, screwless installation using the peel‑and‑stick adhesive rear housing
  • Provides an assortment of raceway to conceal wiring
  • Includes a rotatable plastic cover to conceal unused cutouts
  • Available in smooth black or white finish

Technical Specifications


Housing Plastic, black or white finish

Surface Mounting Peel-and-stick adhesive mounting to glass or other flat, smooth surface

Raceway Peel-and-stick adhesive mount plastic raceway, white (paintable), 0.77 in. W x 0.46 in. D (19.6 mm W x 11.7 mm D) profile; includes (3) 3 ft (0.91 m) straight sections, (2) straight couplers, (2) 90° flat elbows, (1) inside elbow, and (1) outside elbow


Without touch screen Height: 3.93 in. (100 mm) Width: 5.97 in. (152 mm) Depth: 2.01 in. (51 mm)

With touch screen installed Height: 4.17 in. (106 mm) Width: 6.80 in. (173 mm) Depth: 2.57 in. (65 mm)


3.6 oz (102 g) without touch screen, light bar, or raceway

Additional information

Weight 1.76 lbs
Dimensions 37.4 × 6.5 × 3.15 in