Crestron TSW-1070-LB-W-S


Room Availability Light Bar for TSW-1070 Series, White Smooth

Mounts to a TSW‑1070 or TSS‑1070 series touch screen outside a meeting room to provide a 180° visual indication of the room’s availability. Illuminates green if the room is available and red when reserved, with options for custom color mixing and programming.


The Crestron® TSW-1070-LB is a room availability light bar designed for use with TSW‑1070 or TSS‑1070 series touch screens. The TSW-1070-LB provides a 180° visual indication of a room’s availability as part of a complete enterprise room scheduling solution. The TSW-1070-LB mounts easily to the rear of the touch screen and illuminates bright green or red to indicate the room availability status, with options for custom color mixing and programming. The TSW-1070-LB features a clean, stylish appearance and vivid color illumination that complement any corporate office environment, and it is energy efficient at less than 2 W power consumption.

Room Availability Status
For room scheduling applications, the TSW-1070-LB simply connects to the touch screen via USB and requires no special programming or configuration. The illumination color is controlled by the room scheduling application, which runs on the touch screen and syncs with the Crestron Fusion® software or another room scheduling application. The TSW-1070-LB illuminates green when the room is available and red when the room is occupied. It can also blink to indicate an emergency message broadcast from Crestron Fusion.

Custom RGB Color Mixing
For custom applications, the TSW-1070-LB can be configured to illuminate in almost any desired color. The TSW-1070-LB features tricolor RGB LEDs that allow for a full spectrum of colors by blending the red, green, and blue elements in 1% increments. Custom RGB color mixing is performed either through the touch screen directly or via custom control system programming. A Crestron control system connected to the touch screen can be programmed to support various functionality, enabling colors to alternate, fade in and out, or blink on and off as desired.

Versatile Mounting Options
The TSW-1070-LB is compatible with various TSW‑70 series mounting solutions to support installations common for room scheduling touch screens, including the TSW‑70‑UMB universal mounting bracket, the TSW‑1070‑MSMK multisurface mount kit, and the TSW‑770/1070‑MUMK mullion mount kit.

Key Features
  • Provides a 180° visual indication of a meeting room’s availability for TSW‑1070 or TSS‑1070 series touch screens
  • Features a stylish appearance designed to complement corporate office environments
  • Illuminates vivid green or red to clearly indicate room status
  • Supports RGB color mixing to allow for almost any color illumination
  • Energy efficient at less than 2 W power consumption
  • Mounts easily to the rear of the touch screen
  • Single-wire USB connectivity
  • Compatible with various in-wall, multisurface, and mullion mounting accessories
  • Available in smooth black or white finish

Technical Specifications


Illumination RGB LED

Functionality Supports alternating red/green indication of room availability status for room scheduling; Supports RGB color mixing via touch screen configuration or custom control system programming


USB USB 2.0 device for connection to a TSW‑1070 or TSS‑1070 series touch screen


USB (1) Attached lead with USB Type A connector, male; USB 2.0 device port; Connects to the USB host port on the touch screen

Flex Circuit Slot Attaches the light bar panel to the control module


Composition Two-piece assembly composed of a control module and light-diffusing plastic light bar panel

Mounting Control module attaches to the rear of the touch screen using screws, light bar panel sandwiches between the touch screen and mounting surface, 1-5/8 in. (41 mm) minimum mounting depth, compatible with all TSW‑1070/TSS‑1070 series supported electrical boxes, multisurface mount kits, and mullion mount kits


Height 5.82 in. (148 mm)

Width 10.18 in. (259 mm)

Depth 2.28 in. (58 mm)

Dimensions shown are for the complete touch screen and light bar assembly; projects 0.84 in. (21 mm) from the mounting surface


Regulatory Model: M201929001; CE, IC, FCC Part 15 Class B digital device

Additional information

Weight 0.73 lbs
Dimensions 12.2 × 8.66 × 2.76 in