Crestron TSS-470E-WMK


Wall and Surface Mount Kit for TSS-470E

Provides a postconstruction mounting solution for a TSS‑470E desk scheduling touch screen within an existing framed wall, desk, or similar flat surface.


The TSS‑470E‑WMK wall and surface mount kit provides a convenient postconstruction mounting solution for installing a TSS‑470E‑B‑T desk scheduling touch screen into an existing framed wall, desk, table, or similar flat surface. It is specifically intended for postconstruction applications, providing a complete mounting assembly designed to allow quick and easy installation into drywall, paneling, or a tabletop surface. A security screw is also provided to prevent unauthorized removal of the touch screen from the WMK.

Technical Specifications


Metal mounting plate with zip rail mounting system


Height 3.79 in. (96 mm)

Width 4.15 in. (106 mm)

Depth 3.59 in. (91 mm)


3.8 oz (108 g)

Additional information

Weight 4.62 lbs
Dimensions 6.69 × 5.91 × 4.72 in